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Surprising DNA Test Results Reveal Adopted Woman's Birth Mother is a Celebrity TV Personality

Updated: Apr 3

Schronda Williams is the CEO of DMV DoulaLUXE & Inspire My Life Blog, Certified Nursing Assistant, 3 years OBGYN/Pediatric Medical Assistant for Kootnia Healthcare, North West ICU Nurse Technician, Author/Journalist & Baltimore City's Mayor Women's Commission Board Leader.

At DMV DoulaLUXE, we take pride in providing adoption support. We recently came across a story that touched our hearts, and we couldn't resist sharing it with all of you!

Have you ever watched someone on television over the years and envisioned what it would be like if they was actually apart of your family?

Well, it became the reality for one woman.

Her name is Lisa Wright and she shares her story on a segment of the Tamron Hall show, where she talks about discovering her birth mother after taking a DNA test at the age of 54. Through the test, Wright discovered that her mother was Lynne Moody, a beloved actress who starred in some of her favorite shows. Although she had never met her Mother,

Wright was adopted as a baby, but had no idea who her biological mother was until she took the test.

After losing both of her parents within a few years of each other, Wright's son encouraged her to take a DNA test to learn more about their heritage. The results led her to an uncle who revealed the name of her birth mother. Wright then did some research online and quickly recognized who her biological was Moody from her photos.

Wright grew up in a loving home with her adoptive family and never felt the need to seek out her biological mother. Wright had an amazing discovery about her mother, Moody. It turns out that she was a prominent cast member on one of Wright's favorite childhood TV shows, "That's My Mama." This sitcom aired on ABC during the mid-1970s.

Moody, left, with her co-star Theresa Merritt on the TV series "That's My Mama" in 1974. The show was a childhood favorite of Wright's. Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Despite being separated for over 50 years, mother and daughter were finally reunited. To hear more about their incredible journey, check out the video on the Tamron Hall show's YouTube channel.

What would you do if you found out your family member was a Celebrity?

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