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Get to Know Us

RoBody ENVY provides Facial Contouring, Body Sculpting and weight loss services designed for postpartum women, fitness enthusiasts, and individuals who have undergone cosmetic surgery, delivering a tailored and effective program. By employing Ultrasonic Cavitation, an FDA-approved noninvasive treatment, we assist clients in targeting and eliminating fat cells through gentle low-frequency sound waves. This technique leads to a reduction in inches and a more toned physique without discomfort or downtime. The process liquifies fat cells, allowing the body to naturally release them through fecal matter, urine and sweat. For optimal outcome 8-12 sessions, coupled with a commitment to staying hydrated, engaging in post-treatment exercise, and maintaining a nutritious diet is highly recommended.  

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At RoBody ENVY, we believe in enhancing the natural beauty of our clients through non-invasive facial and body contouring treatments. Our team of experts provides honest assessments and personalized treatment plans to help you achieve your desired results.

Facial Contouring Benefits

The RoBody ENVY facelift procedure is designed to target and enhance seven crucial areas. 

  • Softening wrinkles around the forehead, eyes and mouth.

  • Firming and toning the skin.

  • Boosting skin elasticity.

  • Improving the jawline and minimizing 'marionette lines.'

  • Decreasing fat deposits.

  • Enhancing skin tone for a refined and glowing appearance. 

  •  Serving as an effective anti-aging solution.

Excitingly, RoBody ENVY will be expanding its services to include Laser Mole and Laser Hair Removal treatments. Stay tuned for these new additions!

Facial Treatment

About Our Founder

Schronda Williams

Student Nurse, CNA, Doula and Body Sculpting Practitioner

Schronda Williams is a remarkable individual with a wealth of experience and expertise in various fields. With 12 years of dedicated service in Women’s Health, Labor and Delivery, and 15 years of Early Childhood Education, she has honed her skills to provide exceptional care and support to her clients. Currently a Nursing Student and Nursing Technician at Northwest Hospital's ICU department, Schronda's commitment to learning and growth is evident in her pursuit of knowledge and excellence. Beyond her professional roles, Schronda is a Christian Birth Worker, passionately guiding and supporting women through childbirth.

As a seasoned CNA, Childbirth & Skincare educator, she shares her knowledge to empower others in these critical areas. Additionally, her proficiency as a Body Sculpting Practitioner showcases her expertise in enhancing women's wellness and self-confidence. With a solid background in Labor and Delivery, ICU, OBGYN, and Body Sculpting, Schronda's diverse experiences have equipped her with a holistic understanding of women's health and well-being.

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Everything About Cavitation

Experience Transformation, Embrace Wellness at RoBody ENVY!  Step into a realm of body cavitation and wood therapy, where natural beauty meets holistic rejuvenation.  RoBody ENVY approach to weightloss and aesthestics is evidence-based and holistic, incorporating the latest medical research and best practice ensuring the safest, noninvasive and healthiest outcomes for our clients and patients. Our practitioners blend modern technology with ancient methods for sculpting, toning, and revitalizing your body.  Embark on a journey to self-love and confidence with us.  #BeautyTransformed #WoodTherapyMagic  



  DISCLAIMER: Prioritize your well-being by consulting your healthcare provider before and during any nutrition, fitness, or behavior change regimen. Information shared by RoBody ENVY should only be implemented with your doctor's consent. By choosing to proceed without medical approval, you assume full responsibility for your choices.

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