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Our Services

Birth Support

At DMV DoulaLUXE, we provide continuous emotional and physical support throughout your pregnancy, labor and delivery. We also provide postpartum support and lactation consulting. Click Here!

Postpartum Support

Embracing the journey into parenthood can be both joyous and challenging. Our postpartum support services are tailored to provide you with the nurturing care and guidance you need during the initial weeks and months after your baby's arrival. Click Here!

Nesting Party

We all deserve to be celebrated when we're bringing a baby into the world! A nesting party is all about honoring your new parenthood by showering you in acts of service instead of traditional baby shower gifts. We will work with you to plan the best nesting party! Click Here!

Childbirth Education

We provide comprehensive childbirth education classes to help you feel prepared and empowered for your labor and delivery. Our classes cover a range of topics including pain management, breastfeeding, and newborn care.

Adoption Support

Navigating the paths of adoption can be filled with both excitement and uncertainty. Our adoption support services are designed to offer compassionate guidance and practical assistance throughout this unique journey. Click Here!

Fertility Support

We provide holistic fertility support to help you conceive naturally or with the assistance of medical treatments. Our services include acupuncture, herbal remedies, and nutrition counseling.

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